Embedded Hardware Design

Leverage my experience in hardware design to make your next project a success. I can design your hardware prototype or work with your existing design at any phase in production.

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Software Development

I have developed software across different platforms including scientific desktop applications and mobile in Java and Python. I can help fill the gap in your next design.

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Signal Integrity Expertise

Over 15 years experience providing signal integrity simulation and design analysis for high-speed digital designs. I also provide speciality IBIS Modeling services.

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Coffee Quick Tip Video

Latest quick tip video covering hardware engineering design topics

PCB Stackup Design: Microstrip vs Stripline

About Us

We're crazy about engineering. We're a small but dedicated team of geeks who love all things hardware. We specialize in Signal Integrity, hardware development, and software programming. We think everyone has the skills to design awesome hardware - sometimes you just need a guiding hand and that's where we come in.

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