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I am an experienced hardware engineer with over 15 years of electronic product design experience. Providing hardware and software consulting from architecture to schematics as well as firmware and software development.

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Follow along with founder Tim Coyle on project builds, hardware and software design tutorials, in-depth articles, new tech reviews, industry insights, and other hardware hacking related adventures.


Hardware Design & Embedded Engineering Services

Engineering experience used to design RF systems, custom printed circuit boards (PCB), low-power microcontroller designs, IoT products - with a special focus on Signal Integrity for High-Speed Digital Design.

Engineering Services

A bit about the company & me

Signal Bytes Technology provides a wide range of engineering design services to clients in Maine and across the globe. With my background in Electrical Engineering I provide hardware and software design services ranging from RF design to high-speed digital design as well as software development for IoT products and web applications.

“I enjoy solving problems in engineering and helping clients get their product designed properly and on budget”

Tim Coyle / Founder

With my diverse background in both software and hardware I can help troubleshoot and fix your most challenging problems with my system engineering approach. I have worked with companies of all sizes including Fortune 500 companies across the world - and I approach every project with the same integrity and dedication to finding the best solution for my clients.


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