iPad Cooking App

Internal Project: iPad Cooking App

Project Description

I teamed up with my wife who provided all the recipes and photos to create a cooking app for the iPad called Real Men Eat Veggies. It was designed to be a vegetarian recipe app for men.

Tools & Equipment Used

I developed the code on my macbook air using Xcode and wrote the app in Objective-C. I also used Core Data to store the recipes.

Overview of Work Performed

I worked with a graphic designer to come up with the design for the user interface. The baisc functionality of the app included ingredients and recipe steps along with high-resolution photos, tips, and some recipes had video instruction. I added some gamification to the app by letting users amass an overall chef score so as they made more recipes their sccore would go up. I created a health index for each of the recipes based on their ingredients. I released teh app to the app store and kept it in the store for over a year before pulling it from the store.

Below are some screenshots from the app:

Final Results

The app was releases to the Apple app store and I sold and supported the app for over a year.

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