Engineering Services

Signal Integrity

High-Speed Digital Design

With over 15 years experience I can help you solve your Signal Integrity design issues. By utilizing virtual prototyping through simulation I can analyze the entire chip, package, and PCB for a complete solution from the PCB stackup design to eye margin analysis. By correlating to system measurements the analysis can be validated and verified leading to a repeatable approach on the next design.

Signal Integrity Simulation and Analysis

Using Signal Integrity simulation I can analyze your design at any phase of production and help you make your design work the first time around. I am proficient with most commerical EDA tools including Mentor Graphics HyperLynx, Cadence Allegro PCB SI, Sigrity PowerSI, Ansys SiWave, HSPICE, and Agilent ADS. Some areas I can help with:

    PCB Stackup Analysis and Material Selection.
    Pre-Layout Simulation Analysis and Board Routing Design Rules.
    Post-Layout PCB Simulation and Analysis with S-Parameter Model Analysis.
    DDRx Memory System Design and Analysis including DDR2/DDR3/DDR4/LPDDR3/LPDDR4 for both discrete memory and DIMM designs.
    SerDes Simulation and Analysis including IBIS-AMI modeling and Backplane Loss and Analysis.
    Power Delivery Network Analysis including Impedance Profiles and Decap Optimization and Jitter Impact.

SPICE to IBIS Modeling | IBIS Model Generation | IBIS Model Quality | IBIS-AMI

During my years as solely a Signal Integrity consultant I developed an IBIS Modeling software application called SharkSim for SPICE to IBIS Model Conversion and generation. I also built in correlation and quality validation features. I regulary used this software tool for client work and licensed the application to over a dozen semiconductor companies. If you need help with IBIS Models whether it be generating from SPICE models, running quality checks, validating, debugging with customer tools, IBIS-AMI model generation, or creating a IBIS Model CAD library I can help. Some services offered:

    SPICE to IBIS Model Conversion.I have developed hundreds of IBIS models for all different types of IO buffers and technology including GTL+, DDR3, DDR4, GPIO, HDMI, USB, TTL, Series Switch, LVDS, and SerDes.
    IBIS Model Quality and Validation Checking with Reports.
    IBIS Model Simulation and Correlation to Lab Measured Data.
    IBIS Model Software Available for use by clients in various engagement contracts.

Embedded System Design

Consumer Electronics Focus

I have worked for several Fortune 500 companies as an Embedded Hardware Engineer supporting consumer electronic products. I am familiar with best design practices for low cost high volume consumer electronic products. Experience in both hardware and firmware development with a focus on microcontroller software development including ARM platforms. I can leverage my hardware design skills from architecture to PCB schematic and layout to make your next product a success.

Embedded Hardware Design

I have been involved with hardware design for my entire career and have developed hardware products from prototype through to production across different markets including consumer electronics and data centers. Some areas of embedded hardware design I can assist with:

    Hardware Definition and Specifications for Overall Architecture
    Component Selection and Comparison/Analysis
    PCB Schematics and Layout
    PCB Layout Review
    Bring-up and Debug

Microcontroller Software Development

I can write embedded C programs for different applications and have worked with a wide range of different chips. I am familiar with different IDE environments like Microchip MPLAB as well as some standard one's like IAR Embedded Workbench and Keil uVision. Some chips/platforms I have worked on:

    Microchip MPLAB X for PIC family (8bit/16bit/32bit)
    IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM with TI Launchpad
    Keil uVision for ARM
    Silicon Labs EFM32 Zero Gecko
    Atmel AVR 8-bit and 32-bit Microcontrollers including ATiny Amega
    Open Source - Arduino and Raspberry PI

Hardware Prototypes

Make & Build

Developing working prototypes can be anything from SPICE circuit analysis to breadboard circuits right through to fabbed PCB boards. I utilize an array of industrial design tools from 3D printers to CNC machines to design and develop working prototypes. Combined with my embedded system design experience a complete product solution can be developed.

Hardware Prototypes

Developing working prototypes can be anything from SPICE circuit analysis to breadboard circuits right through to fabbed PCB boards. Some areas I can help with:

    PSPICE Circuit Analysis for Analog and Digital Circuits. Currently I prefer to use MicroCap PSPICE for circuit simulation and analysis but also use LTSPICE and I'm familiar with other design tools such as HSPICE.
    Circuit Breadboarding and Debug. I can build and test circuits on a breadboard to do quick prototype iterations. For debug and analysis I use a logic analyzer and Rigol oscilloscope.
    PCB Schematics and PCB Layout. For small to medium designs (2 Layers to 8 Layers) I use EagleCad for schematics and layout. For larger multi-layer designs or designs that require high-spped digital signal routing I can use any tool for schematics (Pads/Allegro) and can assit with the PCB layout.
    CAD Modeling and 3D Printing. For projects that require enclosures or other mechanical/support pieces I can create 3D cad models and print them on my 3D printer.

Hardware/RF Design

Antenna Design

I have designed and built antennas for different application uses from low frequency to multi-gigahertz ranges. I have experience with RF test equipment including spectrum analyzers and VNAs.

Microwave/RF, Antenna Design, and Digital Signal Processing

I have designed and analyzed dozens of different antenna types including dipole, patch, biquad, pifa, helical and many others. Also experienced in PCB layout of antennas for popular interfaces including bluetooth and zigbee. Some areas of microwave RF and antenna design I can assist with:

    Antenna Simulation and Design (radiation pattern, gain, efficiency, impedance matching)
    Link Budget Analysis (path loss, gain, fade margin, power)
    Antenna Design Verification and Measurement (S11, S21, differential, near field, far field)
    Software Defined Radio (Digital Signal Processing with GNU Radio, Matlab, C++)

Information Technology IT Services

IT Solutions for Small Businesses

I can help you with all of your IT needs from computer setup and repair to data backup to cloud based file management systems. I offer remote professional IT support services for all your computer needs including support for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

IT Services Available:

    Computer Setup and Repair (Virus removal, software installation and updates, hard drive and memory upgrades).
    IT Admin of Small Office Network (Server setup, user accounts, Office 365/Sharepoint/Google cloud setup and admin).
    Office Network Setup and Upgrades (Wifi/VPN).
    User Training for Computer Applications Including Microsoft Office.
    Phone (VOIP) and Security System (Wifi/Cell) Setup and Admin.
    Data Backup for On-Site and Remote Cloud data storage and recovery.
    Setup and Admin of Cloud Based Document Services (Google/Dropbox/Microsoft).

I also offer website design using Wordpress and PHP - read more about my web design services

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