Silicon Labs EFM32 Zero Gecko Dev Kit Review

Silicon Labs EFM32 Zero Gecko Development Kit Review

By Timothy Coyle

efm32 bit mcu review

I just received the EFM32 Zero Gecko Starter Kit from Silicon Labs that I ordered a few days ago. I go this development kit to work on a wearable/smart watch concept design and the EFM32 offers an ARM core with ultra low power and energy profiling.

This is just a quick unboxing and boot the demo walk through for now but I plan on talking about this little guy quite a bit in the upcoming weeks.

zero gecko 32 bit mcu

This shows the kit contents. I got the starter kit with the weather station add-on (includes expansion board with temp/humidty/pressure sensor) for under $50 bucks.The kit also came with a USB cable, coin battery, and 8GB USB flash drive with the Simplicity Studio software installer on it. You should go to the website and download the latest version from there.

zero gecko 32 bit mcu

This is the main development board. Notice the nice black and white LCD screen which could be useful for developing a smart watch or wearable type device.

zero gecko 32 bit mcu

A close up of the LCD screen (I think it's by Sharp) showing a QR code.

zero gecko 32 bit mcu

And yes this is Space Invaders demo running.


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